Can I Feed My Cat Chicken Everyday? A Complete Guide To Your Query 

Our cats have mastered the art of soulful stare, especially when it comes to mealtime. But let’s be honest, can you resist those whiskered pleas asking for a share? However, your mind is constantly buzzing with questions: is it okay to share the juicy chicken with your furry companion daily or just save it for special occasions. 

After all, we all want to give delicious food to our cats but when it comes to chicken, a common question knocks on our mind, can I feed my cat chicken everyday? Is it a healthy meal or a recipe for the next digestive disaster? In this clucking guide, you will discover the benefits of a chicken-packed diet, the down-side of chicken everyday, and answer to this burning question.

Can I Feed My Cat Chicken Everyday?

You can feed chicken to your cat every day as long as it is a part of a healthy and balanced diet. When it comes to chicken it’s an excellent source of protein, necessary for muscle growth, and overall health. In addition, people mostly prefer it as cats can easily digest it and it is readily available. 

However, you must complement it with other healthy foods to provide your furry friend with the correct amount of nutrients. You have to be on your toes if you want to see your pet brimming with energy. 

But why are we saying it? We all know that chicken has all the essential nutrients, vitamins, omega-3, omega-6 and amino acids. Technically, it should be enough to keep them thriving, however that’s not the case. For instance, taurine is an amino acid that is necessary for your cat’s eye and heart health and the bad news is that chicken does not contain it in adequate amounts. 

So next time mix things up and don’t just rely on chicken pieces! This ensures that your cat gets a complete meal and will not have any dietary deficiencies down the road. Isn’t it a perfect plan to keep your purring friend happy? 

Pros of Feeding Your Cat Chicken Daily 

Can I Feed My Cat Chicken Everyday

Who doesn’t like chicken? Well, the answer is everyone including your feline friends. Let’s weigh the advantages of feeding your cat chicken every day

Protein Powerhouse 

Protein is the necessary component for your cat’s diet and chicken is like a superhero for your cat’s health. It is packed with protein, essential amino acids, and minerals to keep your kitty strong and energetic. 

Protein not only helps in the repair it is also crucial for development and maintenance. In a nutshell, chicken is a purrfect ingredient that you should add in your cat’s next meal.

Hydration Hero

Is your cat one of those who crunch their noses at the sight of water? Well, the chicken got the answer. You can give wet food with chicken or chicken broth to your cat and it can be a lifesaver. It has the right moisture to keep your cat hydrated which is vital for happy kidneys and dogging urinary problems. 

Our secret tip is to use boiled chicken for this purpose as it retains the water and protein your cat needs. 

Filled With Nutrients 

Chicken is not just about protein, it has other hidden talents as well. Chicken is loaded with vitamin B6 that kick-starts your cat’s immune system and metabolism. Well, it doesn’t end here. Chicken also has niacin and selenium that supports their overall health and keeps them strong. 

Side-Effects Of Daily Chicken Intake 

Well, the road does not always offer a smooth ride and the same is the case when it comes to a cat’s food. There are certain cons of feeding chicken daily. Let’s find out.

Nutrients Deficiency  

Although chicken is a superhero, a chicken-only diet can lead to nutritional imbalance. Deficiency of taurine, vitamin A, arachidonic acid, calcium, and essential fatty acids can cause a domino effect on your feline friends. 

Feline Allergies 

Just like humans, our whiskered friends can also develop allergies when it comes to chicken. If you notice digestive problems, vomiting, hair loss, facial swelling, and itchy skin chances are that your cat has an allergy to chicken. Visit the vet immediately and explore other protein options. 

Bacterial Contamination 

If you are considering feeding your cat raw chicken then take a minute and learn about the potential harm. Raw chicken or improperly prepared chicken can call for bacteria like E-coli and salmonella. It can lead to food poisoning and weakening of the immune system. 

So our suggestion is: You have to handle raw chicken with great care before you start giving it to your cat. 

How Much Chicken Is Safe For My Cat?

There is no right answer to your query. It all boils down to the weight, age, and the activity level of your cat. Generally, a kitten can take 2 teaspoons of chicken daily and adult cats can take around 2 tablespoons of chicken. 

Although chicken poses no threats to your cat’s health, it is recommended to use it in a fair amount to avoid nutritional imbalance. In an average adult cat, chicken should contribute 10 to 15% of calories. 

On the other hand, you shouldn’t use chicken as a replacement for a balanced diet, otherwise, it can cause health and weight issues. If you are still unsure, go to your nearest vet and consult it based on the cat’s needs.

How To Prepare Chicken For Your Cat? 

Cat eating chicken

We have shed enough light on what chicken provides for your cat. Now is the time to see how you can prepare a good meal to limit infections and choking hazards. 

  • Choose fresh, high-quality chicken that is organic and free from any bacteria. It will contribute to your cat’s health and will be a safer protein source.
  • Cats do enjoy licking chicken bones but it is better to serve them boneless chicken to avoid any choking incidents or else be prepared to visit the vet at the odd hours. It can also cause intestinal injuries leading to more severe issues. 
  • It is a safe practice to cook the chicken at 74°C so all the bacteria is killed. Furthermore, there is no need to season the chicken with spices, herbs, or oils.
  • Store the chicken for 3 days at the most. It is better to cook again than to see your whiskered cat pained meows due to any infection. 

Alternatives Healthy Bites  

Trying different alternatives can be a game-changer if your cat has a chicken allergy and is fed up with eating chicken every day. Although some cats may protest as they are sensitive to their diet you can bring a small change by including these alternatives:

  • Thoroughly cooked turkey, beef, or fish
  • Plain lamb meat
  • Whole grains like barley
  • Carrots
  • Zucchini 
  • Celery 
  • Spinach
  • Peas
  • Pumpkins
  • Broccoli 
  • Duck and rabbit meat 

If you don’t want to feed your cat chicken every day and want a switch, these alternatives are the best. They are jam-packed with nutrients like iron, zinc, vitamin B, and other essentials. Also, it can be fun to introduce your furry friends to new food and let them have a change in diet.


Q: Can cats eat chicken bones?

A: You may be tempted to share the chicken bones with your cat but that is a call to disaster as your cat can choke on them. Cooked bones or even uncooked small bones can lead to internal injuries in the mouth, throat, and intestines. 

Q: Can I feed my cat raw chicken everyday?

A: Raw chicken is on the ASPCA list of toxic foods for cats and there is a good reason for that. It can cause bacterial infections and parasitic diseases like toxoplasmosis so it’s better to avoid them. 


While cats love delicious chicken treats, it’s not enough to keep them purring with health! Their diet needs variety to reap all the meow-gical benefits. Consult your vet and come up with yummy ways to incorporate chicken in their diet. 

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