Why is my Cat Scared to go Outside? (Solutions)

Are you wondering why your Cat is scared to go outside? Looking to resolve this problem? Read on!

For many cat owners, taking their furry friend outside for a stroll is a regular routine. However, if your cat refuses to go outside, it can be a concerning issue. Cats are instinctive animals, and their natural instincts might cause them to be wary of venturing outside.

In this article, we will explore the possible reasons why your cat is scared to go outside and what you can do to help them overcome their fears.

Reasons Your Cat May Be Scared to Go Outside

Here are some common reasons why cats avoid venturing outside the house.

1# Past Trauma

Cats are sensitive creatures and past traumatic experiences could have a significant impact on their behavior. If your cat had a traumatic experience in the past (such as an accident), they may be scared to go outside, even if they previously enjoyed doing so.

2# Noise Sensitivity

Cats have excellent hearing, and loud or unfamiliar noises outside can make them anxious and scared. Construction, car horns, barking dogs, and even children playing can cause a cat to become fearful of going outside.

3# Fear of Other Animals

Cats are territorial animals, and they may feel threatened by other cats or dogs in the area. If your cat encounters another animal outside, it could lead to them becoming scared to go outside in the future.

4# Lack of Socialization

If your cat is not exposed to different environments and experiences when they are young, they may develop a fear of new things. Socializing your cat from an early age can help them adjust to new experiences and environments, making them less likely to be scared in the future.

5# Health Issues

If your cat has an underlying health issue, they may be scared to go outside. Cats can be particularly sensitive to temperature changes, and if they have a health problem that makes them feel uncomfortable or ill, they may not want to go outside. Senior cats often suffer from arthritis, so they may wish to minimize their movement, and stay within the house.

Why is my Cat Scared to go Outside?

What You Can Do to Help Your Cat

Letting your cat outside the house can be good its health due to the extra exercise and simulation. It also opens up other opportunities, such as letting your cat poop outside (so you don’t need to maintain a litter box).

Here are some ways you can encourage your cat to begin adventuring through the great outdoors.

1# Create a Safe Space

If your cat is scared to go outside, it’s essential to provide them with a safe space indoors. Ensure they have a comfortable bed, toys to play with, and plenty of attention from their humans. You could also create a small outdoor enclosure where your cat can safely enjoy some fresh air. Letting them out on the balcony (in your presence) would be a good start.

2# Gradual Exposure

If you want to encourage your cat to go outside, it’s important to do so gradually. Start by allowing them outside for just a few minutes at a time, and slowly increase the duration over several weeks. This can help your cat adjust to the outdoors and feel more comfortable.

Make sure you accompany them at all times, as they will be most comfortable in your presence. Once they begin getting used to it, you can try leaving them alone for short periods of time.

3# Reduce Noise

Loud and Aggressive noises from the outside (car horns, dog barking, etc.) can deter your cat from wanting to go out. If outside noise is the issue, try to reduce it by installing soundproof curtains, and keeping the windows and doors closed to minimize external noise.

Avoid taking your cat out during busy timings, instead try the early morning time or late at night when things are quieter.

4# Incentives and Positive Reinforcement

Incentives and positive reinforcement are also great ways to encourage your cat to go outside. Consider offering treats, praise, or playtime when your cat takes steps toward going outside, such as approaching the door or putting on their harness. By associating positive experiences with outdoor activities, your cat will be more likely to overcome their fear.

You can also use treats to create a trail of cat treats leading to the door. This can help your cat feel more comfortable with the idea of going outside.

5# Consider Professional Help

If your cat’s fear of going outside is due to past trauma or severe anxiety, you may need professional help. A veterinarian or animal behaviorist can help you identify the root cause of your cat’s fear and provide solutions to help them overcome it.

What if your Cat still refuses to go Outside?

If you have tried everything you could possibly think of, it’s best to stop trying to force your cat into doing something it is not comfortable. Like humans, cats can vary greatly in nature. What may suitable for one cat, may not be for another.

Some cats are perfectly happy living indoors for their entire lives. Instead of trying to make them go outside, focus more on enriching their indoor lives.


Cats are unique animals, and some may be scared to go outside due to various reasons. It’s essential to identify the underlying cause of your cat’s fear and provide a safe and comfortable space for them indoors. Gradually exposing your cat to the outdoors, minimizing noise, and seeking professional help when necessary can help your cat overcome their fear and enjoy the outdoors again. With patience and understanding, your cat can learn to love the great outdoors once more.

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