Best Ointment For Cat Wounds

Every cat owner is well aware of how bizarre cats can be at times. From, getting into accidents to fighting other animals, it’s like cats find new ways to injure themselves. While we cannot always protect them from this, we can take care of their wounds afterwards. In this article, we will discuss how to do just that and what are the best ointment for cat wounds that every pet owner should have inside their homes.

Quick Overview for the Best Ointment For Cat Wounds

best quality

Honey Cure

The Honey Cure ointment with manuka honey is an excellent choice for pet owners to treat their cat’s wounds. It has natural ingredients that promote healing for a variety of wound types.
best for price

Dr. Maggie Skin Care Ointment

The Dr. Maggie Skin Care ointment is a good choice for those on the budget looking for a cream to help with their pet’s wound and skin care issues.
Best overall

HomeoPet HP Healing Cream

Ultimately, the HomeoPet HP healing cream is an overall good option for pet owners that are looking for a one in all cream for cats or all ages and sizes.

Our Top Picks for Ointment For Cat Wounds

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1. HomeoPet HP Healing Cream

  • Topical Ointment
  • Made from Natural Ingredients
  • Promotes Healing


  • Safe and natural solution for healing different kinds of injuries.
  • Easy to apply.
  • For cats of all ages and sizes.


  • It has petroleum in it.

The HomeoPet HP Healing Cream is a remarkable solution that promotes natural wound healing for cats, and other cherished pets. Crafted from safe and gentle natural ingredients, this topical ointment is the go-to choice for treating a variety of skin injuries, including cuts, bites, burns, skin irritations, and more.

This clear pet wound-care ointment is easy to use, with application recommended 1–3 times a day directly to the affected area. As the pet’s condition improves, one can gradually reduce the frequency of application until the wound is fully healed. What’s more, it’s suitable for pets of all ages and has no known side effects.

HomeoPet is a brand, founded by Daniel H. Farrington and his veterinarian brother, Thomas Farrington. It’s dedicated to providing high-quality, safe, and affordable solutions for pets and their owners worldwide. Their commitment to pet health and well-being shines through in the HomeoPet HP Healing Cream.

2. Forticept Blue Butter

  • First-aid solution for pets
  • Safe and Non Toxic
  • Clinically proven and Vet Approved


  • Perfect for all your first aid pet needs.
  • Treats cuts, promotes healing, resolves skin infections including acne, yeast and even ringworms.
  • A non toxic alternative to anti biotic and steroids.


  • Quantity is a little less than other alternatives in this price range.

The Forticept Blue Butter Hot Spot Gel is a cutting-edge first-aid solution for your pet’s wound and skin care needs. Powered by innovative technology, Blue Butter is designed to treat cuts, scrapes, wounds, sores, rashes, and various skin infections, including canine pyoderma, acne, yeast infections, and ringworm.

It’s a go-to cats’ wound treatment that promotes rapid healing and disinfects wounds effectively. Safe for continuous application on any skin area, it’s free from alcohol, iodine, and irritation, making it gentle and ideal for all family members, even in sensitive areas like the ears, nose, and mouth.

Veterinarians highly recommend this clinically proven and non-toxic pH-balanced formula. Blue Butter sets a new standard for hot spot products, featuring a scientifically selected blend of botanical extracts, essential oils, and emollients. From cleansing wounds to addressing skin rashes, irritations, burns, and post-surgical sites, Blue Butter is the gold standard in wound and skin care.

3. HoneyCure

  • Available in 2 different sizes
  • Made with Manuka Honey
  • 3 Years shelf life


  • Made with natural ingredients for all your pet’s wound needs.
  • Has a long shelf life of upto 3 years and can also be used after freezing.


  • A bit expensive.

Meet HoneyCure, the ultimate natural veterinary ointment revolutionizing wound care for dogs, cats, horses, and even elephants. It’s a versatile solution for burns, scrapes, cuts, bites, and tricky hot spots.

HoneyCure boasts a potent blend of UMF 15+ Manuka honey and holistic essential oils, providing soothing relief for inflamed wounds while fostering an ideal environment for rapid healing. Acting as a protective barrier, it guards against germs, dirt, and debris, ensuring a clean and efficient healing process.

Pets of all sizes and activity levels, from playful dogs to housecats and even horses dealing with complex injuries like proud flesh, have entrusted HoneyCure. Its versatility extends to various animals, though it’s wise to consult a vet before use on reptiles.

HoneyCure’s secret lies in Manuka honey, scientifically proven for its medical-grade healing properties. It naturally discourages pets from licking their wounds due to its unappealing taste and odor, and it’s non-toxic in case of accidental consumption.

Experience the benefits of wet wound healing with HoneyCure, promoting oxygen-rich blood supply, cell regeneration, and inflammation prevention, leading to excellent skin recovery.

Created by EnBiologics, a company committed to innovative products for people and animals, HoneyCure is your trusted partner for superior wound care, ensuring a happier, healthier pet.

4. Dr. Maggie Skin Care Ointment 

  • All purpose ointment
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Perfect for minor skin conditions


  • Safe, natural and effective for all skin care needs.
  • Specially formulated to moisturize and nourish skin.
  • Non toxic and ideal for all kinds of skin conditions.


  • Some pets may like to lick the product.

Introducing Dr. Maggie’s Skin Care Ointment, the holistic answer to your furry friend’s skin care needs. This all-purpose ointment is a must-have addition to your pet’s first aid kit, offering a safe, natural, and effective solution for minor scratches, cuts, bites, skin irritations, hot spots, and wounds.

Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients. Dr. Maggie’s ointment provides a gentle, all-natural remedy for unexpected skin care emergencies. Specially crafted to moisturize and nurture your pet’s skin, it strikes the perfect balance between protection and comfort. Suitable for daily use with cats and dogs, it keeps their skin healthy, lustrous, and irritation-free.

Ideal for pets with chronic skin conditions or sensitive skin prone to irritations, this non-toxic ointment contains active ingredients like thyme, myrrh, echinacea, lanolin, and allantoin. Dr. Maggie’s Skin Care Ointment is the holistic alternative for pet owners seeking a safe and gentle approach to minor skin conditions.

This ointment rehydrates skin while creating a protective barrier without clogging pores. It’s suitable for hot spots, rashes, eczema, insect bites, minor cuts, and scrapes. With ingredients like coconut oil, lanolin, castor oil, and beeswax, it’s a perfect blend to soothe, hydrate, and protect your pet’s skin.

5. Absorbine Silver Honey

  • Medical grade manuka honey
  • pH balanced
  • Made in USA


  • Made with natural medical grade ingredients.
  • Works immediately after it’s applied on the wound.
  • Treats all kinds of wounds, rashes, cuts and skin conditions.


  • No significant con

Introducing Absorbine Silver Honey Rapid Wound Repair, a powerful and advanced wound care solution proudly made in the USA. Harnessing the natural healing prowess of Manuka Honey and MicroSilver BG, this ointment is a game-changer for skin care, promoting rapid healing while being gentle on the skin.

Silver Honey begins working immediately upon application, making it the ideal choice for wounds, rashes, cuts, scratches, surgical sites, burns, sweet itch, rain rot, bug bites, abrasions, sores, and various skin conditions and irritations. Its pH-balanced formula respects the skin’s natural microbiome, ensuring quick and comfortable healing without antibiotics.

This thick ointment not only provides long-lasting coverage but also deeply moisturizes the treatment area. It’s effective at softening older, persistent scabs to aid in their removal while promoting the healing of the underlying wound. Safe for equine and large animal use, it can be used on all species without causing discomfort.

Understanding Cat Wounds

Cat wounds can occur for various reasons, often stemming from their natural behaviors and interactions with the environment. Scratches, bites, accidental mishaps, and encounters with other animals are some of the common causes. Understanding the origins of these wounds is crucial for effective wound care.

Cat wounds come in a variety of forms, each requiring distinct care approaches. These may include abrasions (superficial scrapes), lacerations (deep cuts), puncture wounds (penetrating injuries), and more. Recognizing the specific type of wound is fundamental for its proper treatment.

Infections are a significant concern when dealing with cat wounds. Recognizing the signs of infection, such as increased redness, swelling, pus, or a foul odor, is crucial. Early detection ensures prompt intervention, minimizing potential complications.

Additionally, its important to understand how to deal with cat wounds and to clean them properly before applying medication.

How to Choose the Right Ointment

Before diving into the world of ointments, remember that consulting with a veterinarian is always the first step. They can provide personalized guidance based on your cat’s unique needs and the severity of the wound.

When choosing an ointment for your cat’s wound, consider your cat’s skin sensitivity. Some cats may have allergies or adverse reactions to specific ointment ingredients, making it essential to choose products that suit their skin.

Additionally, we also have a guide on how you can make homemade antiseptic solution for cat wounds so that you don’t have to purchase any products from the market.

Key Ingredients to Look For

  1. Antiseptic Properties: Look for ointments with antiseptic properties like chlorhexidine or povidone-iodine. These are crucial for preventing infection, a critical aspect of wound healing.
  2. Promoting Wound Healing: Active ingredients such as aloe vera and vitamin E can accelerate the recovery process and minimize the formation of scars.
  3. Pain Relief: If your cat is experiencing pain, ointments containing pain-relief properties like lidocaine can offer much-needed comfort during the healing process.

Avoiding Harmful Ingredients

Always check the product labels for potentially harmful ingredients, such as toxic substances like zinc oxide or artificial fragrances and dyes. Cats can be sensitive to these substances, and they can exacerbate skin issues or discomfort.

Consider the form of the ointment that works best for your cat’s specific wound. Creams, gels, and sprays each have their advantages and may be more suitable for different types of injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions for pet owners that are unsure of how to treat their cat’s wounds, hopefully this helps you clear away any further doubts you may have on this topic:

Q1: What are the common causes of wounds in cats?

Cat wounds can result from various causes, including fights with other animals, accidents, bites, scratches, or even self-inflicted injuries due to excessive grooming or scratching.

Q2: Why is it important to use ointments for cat wounds?

Ointments for cat wounds play a crucial role in promoting healing, preventing infections, and providing relief from discomfort. They create a protective barrier over the wound and may contain ingredients that soothe the skin and accelerate the recovery process.

Q3: What should I consider when choosing the right ointment for my cat’s wound?

When selecting an ointment for your cat’s wound, consider factors such as consulting with a veterinarian for recommendations, your cat’s skin sensitivity, key ingredients like antiseptic properties, wound-healing promotion, and pain relief, as well as avoiding harmful substances like toxic ingredients and fragrances. Additionally, think about the ointment’s form, whether it’s a cream, gel, or spray, to suit your cat’s needs and preferences.


In conclusion, when it comes to caring for your beloved feline’s wounds, there are several top-notch options available to meet different needs and preferences. For those seeking the best quality and natural healing properties, Honey Cure with manuka honey stands out as a remarkable choice. Its natural ingredients work wonders on a variety of wound types, ensuring your cat’s speedy recovery.

If you’re looking for an effective solution while mindful of your budget, the Dr. Maggie Skin Care Ointment offers a cost-effective option without compromising on quality. It’s a practical choice for addressing your pet’s wound and skin care concerns without breaking the bank.

For those in search of the best overall option that caters to all ages and sizes, HomeoPet HP Healing Cream takes the crown. This versatile cream provides comprehensive wound care, making it a go-to choice for pet owners looking for an all-in-one solution.

Ultimately, the best ointment for your cat’s wounds depends on your specific requirements, but rest assured that each of these options has its unique strengths to ensure your furry companion receives the care and attention they deserve.

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